Thursday, November 15, 2012

Veteran, Come Stay at My House

Somebody reading this may be a veteran, or know a veteran of the wars of recent years. Not just any veteran, but one who is going to kill him or herself tomorrow.

I CAN'T STAND the idea, the knowledge, that in cities and military bases all over America, EIGHTEEN U.S. military veterans are killing themselves, every day. Plus 1 or 2 currently serving soldiers.

So, if you are one of those people, I ask you to come stay at my house. I will feed you, and get to know you, for 1 week - 7 days and nights. I will become your advocate, and give you spiritual strength, if I can. I have no credentials as a lawyer or a counselor. And I have a lot of problems myself - including not having enough of the corrupt money of the current global financial regime (1). But I can offer you a humble bed and a respite from some of the pressures you are under. For a week.

I just ask that you join, and fill out your profile. Get  your location verified on that site, and get somebody you know to join, too, and connect with them as friends. If you are the friend of a veteran, get him or her connected and friended  and verified, and yourself as well.

Or figure out some other way to connect with me, so that I can get to know you a little first. This doesn't have to take a long time.

I don't have stock in CouchSurfing. It is a B Corporation, and it is a social networking platform with specific ways of creating trust among strangers. People ask, "How can you offer a room, or go stay with someone you don't know?"

A good way to explain it is to ask, would you offer a room to a former Governor of your state, if he or she asked to come meet you, and you knew him or her to be an interesting, kind and engaging person from all the media coverage you'd seen?

How about any celebrity you have ever admired - would you invite them (assuming you have space?) Why them, and not some person off the street? Because you know who they are (or fantasize you know :o). They can prove it to you in various ways.

On CouchSurfing, I can get satisfied that I know enough about a person, and get acquainted with them online, at my leisure, when I feel like it. With a little internet savvy, and enough willingness to read, you can find out if you want to meet a person who is travelling to your area. This is because the site is full of safeguards, with graduating levels of trust. The people who want to go couchsurfing, have more burden of proving themselves than do the householders. But if you host or go surfing a few times, you will soon have enough of a track record to generate trust.

Anyway, that's how I feel about it. I want to host veterans who are or may be struggling. That means any veteran. But I am also extremely happy to host happy, healthy and well-adjusted veterans. My priority is folks who served in Afghanistan or Iraq or who served in connection with combat, like medical personnel, combat-ready naval units, or anyone who felt the stress of war.

This is the new economy. where everyone shares what they want. We are adapting, to take the wonderful things others share, and enjoy our lives. Rather than accumulating possessions and things.

If anybody wants to join me in hosting short retreats in their homes for our veterans(1,2), I think it would be a great thing for you to do as well. All you have to do is join I'm in the group "International Activist Network." If you join and post in that group, I'll connect with you.

If any veterans take me up on this, I'll plan to post here about it.

1. U.S. Dollars, Eu Euros, i.e, any convertible-currency-denominated securities. My goal is to get as free as possible of the global regime that has taken over control of these currencies. People who love the human spirit more than they love the power of regimes and currencies, have their own forms of exchange, and these are growing. is an exemplar.

2. Veterans already have a huge amount of this new still-invisible form of currency, by virtue of their service.

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