Sunday, January 2, 2011

You Know When it is Right

Things that feel good, things that click in, things that make sense. You know when it is right.That moment when you know you have won. It is payday, and I am making enough money. This person likes me. I feel physically great! Someone else understands exactly how I feel, or think.

I'd like to know what proportion of people get those feelings often enough to satisfy them. People who truly enjoy aspects of their work, and don't have a lot of anxiety, probably have such feelings pretty frequently. If you are a person who feels good a lot of the time, can you empathize with people who don't? I have known people who seemed to understand depression without being depressed themselves, but they all had an active memory of what it had been like to be depressed. Or maybe they had a depressed loved one. If you are inclined to love humankind, but don't understand why some people can't just "snap out of it," read Darkness visible : a memoir of madness by William Styron (Library of Congress; Amazon.)

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