Saturday, September 29, 2012

Make Presidential Debaters Answer Questions!!

Presidential candidates constantly avoid or evade questions put to them in the debates organized by the misnamed Citizens' Debate Commission.

Many online petitions are asking for "fact checkers" at the debates, or that specific questions be put, or that the moderators insist their original questions be answered. Michael Nickerson proposes simply that the broadcasters post the original question in a box on-screen, so that viewers can judge for themselves whether the question has been answered. Please sign it:

Here is another way that WE the People can require that candidates answer questions. Someone should type each question up briefly in a Tweet, and assign a short #Hashtag. Everyone who wants can then respond as to whether the question has been answered by a given candidate. Ideally, the moderator should develop a meaningful #hashtag that viewers can use to put in their vote by tweeting as to whether the question has been answered by the candidate.


Moderator: Mr Obama, Mr. Romney, Do you envision that, your administration will be able to put into place policies that will allow Medicare benefits and payments to doctors to be adequate to ensure that all Seniors will get a standard of care at least as good at what they get today, Why or why not? #WillMeaningfulMedicareSurvive

Citizen-Tweeter: #WillMeaningfulMedicareSurvive Obama Answered
Citizen-Tweeter: #WillMeaningfulMedicareSurvive Obama has NOT Answered

Citizen-Tweeter: #WillMeaningfulMedicareSurvive Romney Answered
Citizen-Tweeter: #WillMeaningfulMedicareSurvive Romney has NOT Answered

The moderator's team counts the Tweets, and reports to the Candidates and the world what the Tweet-o-Sphere says.

I'm open to all suggestions as to how to make this better, or how to make this happen.

Eventually,  WE the People will make our voice heard!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Still Just Thinking to Myself

I am still just thinking to myself. I know a couple of friends are reading my posts, random and sporadic as they have been.

I have been bursting to express myself every day in writing. But only a short time ago did I start having the hope that I could write something useful. I know I have been writing some useful things the past week or so, because I have looked back at them. I WROTE them to be useful to me, should I look back at them. And they are.

So, that is how I know this is worth doing. Might as well publish them forever on a blog. That way, I am more likely to have access to them, where ever I go.

It's interesting to me, whether I can embarrass myself with my writing, even if I have committed to saying nothing bad about anyone or anything. A big point of this, is to have accountability to myself with what I say and do. If anyone points out where I am rejecting something, I can let go of it that much sooner. Ah, bliss...

Thursday, August 23, 2012

I Am Only Capable of Moving Backward

Currently, I am mostly only capable of moving backward.

Not backward in time or space. Not backward in development.

Backward as, "In a defensive position." Much of my existence is ruled by fear, and the specific fears sometimes form the basis for a panic attack. I have been panicky a lot more than most other people, it seems. (I do have a mild diagnosis of panic disorder with Mitral Valve Prolapse - for whatever that is worth.) I have plenty of the symptoms of PTSD - but don't most people you know?

This is to say, my claim yesterday ( New Life Has Begun) was not a claim that the person Linda is "enlightened."

It was more in the form of a declaration that I want God's will to flow through me. And I have seen that every single negative thought is simply a rejection of God's will. I am no longer confused about whether I need to express rejection of anything.

I may continue to have the various feelings I have called rejection for a while - but I no longer accept that concept as a definition.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My New Life Has Begun

OK dears,

I think I am ready to start my new life. I have figured out the ultimate rule for me. I will not say anything negative, (aloud or to myself,) about anyone or anything. If I can't find something positive to think or say, I will think and say nothing. This give me the best of all possible worlds: the blessings of ALL the good things in life, plus absolute, blessed silence.

My new life has begun.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I Can Be Silence

Whatever happens, I can remember Peace.

My teachers have been telling me to drop the conditions and modifiers. I AM Peace. I can ALWAYS remember that. If it appears I have forgotten, I may have. But if I choose to be peace, in that moment, I can be.

How is this true, and how do I know it is true? ACIM says "To have peace, teach peace to learn it." Am I just defining my experience at all times as peace? what does that mean?

I want peace with what is. The "peace" in that phrase is my eternal relationship to WHAT IS, or God. You must have seen this, or you will. Letting myself proclaim my loyalty to that which I am calling peace, is the purest, most abstract expression of wanting. Wanting is not in itself particularly peaceful. But in that pure expression of loyalty, there must be the willingness that signals to God to close the gap between us.

I can be silent, thank God!

No, I can be Silence

Deep Peace

I have striven for peace all my adult life. Anyone knows, peace stays away from striving. But it was a noble, quixotic effort. And somehow it led me to know more of Peace.

Deep peace is the peace of Death. Not the anticipation of death; certainly not the glorification of death.

Rather, it is the Simplicity of Not-Being.

(I am using unprescribed capital letters to indicate words that invoke God or the Divine.)

I am Aware of the Peace of Not-Being. This is to Know God, which is direct, non-symbolic knowing. It is All There Is. Constantly Changing. Always fresh and new. Every Flavor, ones you like, and ones you don't. Like and Dislike are the same, constantly changing one from the other, switching places. I melt away, but God's experience of All, is complete and Eternal.

Sunday, February 26, 2012


 Do what you do, and take responsibility for it. Don't make explanations and excuses. Don't deny it.

Other people react as they react to you and what you do. It is NOT your responsibility to manage their response, either before or after they make it. If someone doesn't like something you did, you might explain your reasoning and motivation to them. It is loving, and can help in negotiating the relationship. Being fearful or guilty with people who are criticizing you is not helpful to either of you.