Saturday, September 29, 2012

Make Presidential Debaters Answer Questions!!

Presidential candidates constantly avoid or evade questions put to them in the debates organized by the misnamed Citizens' Debate Commission.

Many online petitions are asking for "fact checkers" at the debates, or that specific questions be put, or that the moderators insist their original questions be answered. Michael Nickerson proposes simply that the broadcasters post the original question in a box on-screen, so that viewers can judge for themselves whether the question has been answered. Please sign it:

Here is another way that WE the People can require that candidates answer questions. Someone should type each question up briefly in a Tweet, and assign a short #Hashtag. Everyone who wants can then respond as to whether the question has been answered by a given candidate. Ideally, the moderator should develop a meaningful #hashtag that viewers can use to put in their vote by tweeting as to whether the question has been answered by the candidate.


Moderator: Mr Obama, Mr. Romney, Do you envision that, your administration will be able to put into place policies that will allow Medicare benefits and payments to doctors to be adequate to ensure that all Seniors will get a standard of care at least as good at what they get today, Why or why not? #WillMeaningfulMedicareSurvive

Citizen-Tweeter: #WillMeaningfulMedicareSurvive Obama Answered
Citizen-Tweeter: #WillMeaningfulMedicareSurvive Obama has NOT Answered

Citizen-Tweeter: #WillMeaningfulMedicareSurvive Romney Answered
Citizen-Tweeter: #WillMeaningfulMedicareSurvive Romney has NOT Answered

The moderator's team counts the Tweets, and reports to the Candidates and the world what the Tweet-o-Sphere says.

I'm open to all suggestions as to how to make this better, or how to make this happen.

Eventually,  WE the People will make our voice heard!


  1. Would it be good to have separate hashtags for the yes and no answers? Would that make it easier to tabulate quickly? Then the moderator could potentially read choice text responses (if any) in each category.

  2. #WillMeaningfulMedicareSurviveRomneyYes

    Good idea! Assuming enough people know, or they get put up on the TV screen