Friday, August 24, 2012

Still Just Thinking to Myself

I am still just thinking to myself. I know a couple of friends are reading my posts, random and sporadic as they have been.

I have been bursting to express myself every day in writing. But only a short time ago did I start having the hope that I could write something useful. I know I have been writing some useful things the past week or so, because I have looked back at them. I WROTE them to be useful to me, should I look back at them. And they are.

So, that is how I know this is worth doing. Might as well publish them forever on a blog. That way, I am more likely to have access to them, where ever I go.

It's interesting to me, whether I can embarrass myself with my writing, even if I have committed to saying nothing bad about anyone or anything. A big point of this, is to have accountability to myself with what I say and do. If anyone points out where I am rejecting something, I can let go of it that much sooner. Ah, bliss...

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