Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Deep Peace

I have striven for peace all my adult life. Anyone knows, peace stays away from striving. But it was a noble, quixotic effort. And somehow it led me to know more of Peace.

Deep peace is the peace of Death. Not the anticipation of death; certainly not the glorification of death.

Rather, it is the Simplicity of Not-Being.

(I am using unprescribed capital letters to indicate words that invoke God or the Divine.)

I am Aware of the Peace of Not-Being. This is to Know God, which is direct, non-symbolic knowing. It is All There Is. Constantly Changing. Always fresh and new. Every Flavor, ones you like, and ones you don't. Like and Dislike are the same, constantly changing one from the other, switching places. I melt away, but God's experience of All, is complete and Eternal.

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