Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Poem By Paul

A Poem By Paul (Foster, I think -- Jeannie Stevens' partner)

What in my life can I face today?
Perhaps the mistakes that have led me astray.

My joy, my sorrow, today, tomorrow
My dark, my Light, the wrong, the right
My addictions and habits
(they breed just like rabbits)

The past, the future, or lack thereof
My brat attacks, my deepest Love
My dying body, my futile hope
My fiercest fighter, my “just can’t cope”

But most of all I have to say
I face my True Self night and day
And all I really actually know
Is nothing at all and happily so!

Om Om
July 2011

This is a poem from an online friend of mine, that is so simple and innocent, I wanted to share it (with permission). Someone could make it a song.

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