Sunday, September 4, 2011


Here is a YouTube link from my sister. Does anyone else consider the Three Stooges to be a basic cultural building block?

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  1. It sounds like the Stooges are speaking Russian when they are doing do you say?...funny talk. Kak doumaietie, Lindoushka?

    I reckon that the Three Stooges are cultural icons, but I don't know about cultural building blocks. I reckon that a mythology or a government tradition or system of documents and practices, or a schooling tradition could be cultural building blocks, but not so much a TV show or collection of short films. Of course then there's Star Trek, Star Wars, Gilligan's Island, the Flintstones and the Jetsons, so I could be wrong, there.

  2. Russian, yes. They would have heard lots of Russian and Yiddish, growing up. They say "Ty menya" (ты меня) frequently. They stress the penultimate syllable (like Russian usually does,) and use lots of Russian phonemes.

    My calling them a "cultural building block" is a humorous overstatement. But the reality behind that, is how deeply embedded they are in my consciousness. One of the nearby clips on YouTube shows Moe Howard with his hair parted. That was shocking to me, because I couldn't imagine Moe appearing not as "Moe," Just like the 6-year-old I become when I watch them.