Saturday, December 10, 2011

Silence Rules Negativity

Silence rules negativity - absorbs it, transforms it.

Scissors, Paper, Rock. I don't know if I read or heard this somewhere, or just made it up -- intuitively, anyway, that game works if you take the "Rock" for silence.

Paper covers the Rock. If you take "Paper" for that which is temporary, and illusory, then, yes, Paper can appear to have victory over Rock. I never understood that one before. I thought they just made paper win over rock because you had to do it that way, for the game to work.

If you take "Scissors" for that which cuts, and is therefore painful and negative, then it makes sense that the Rock can destroy the Scissors. Otherwise, why not think of the Rock as that which sharpens scissors?

Scissors as negativity, is negativity in the positive sense. Cutting away that which is not needed, creates the masterpiece. Scissors also cut through the illusion, which is the paper, which covers the rock.

I am trying to remember Silence, the Rock, and let it absorb all negativity. As Jesus did. I don't need to cry out to my God, for God to know what I need. And I also can cry out, and the holy spirit can cry out from within me. If the cry comes from Silence itself, then let it.

On a less serious note, you can't lose traditional Scissors, Paper, Rock by choosing "Rock" all the time - why? Because, unless the person is a practiced "Scissors, Paper, Rock"  competitor, they are likely to forget to punch you, if they win with something other than "Rock." You, on the other hand, already having a fist balled up, are likely to punch them every time. (Note, for documentation on traditional Scissors, Paper, Rock, see any" Charlie Chan" movie scene where No. 1 Son and  No. 2 Son are waiting around, or trying to decide something.)

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