Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ok, so here is a stub of an idea I've had lately. It is rather a contrast to my usual way of thinking, which is all about universal love and community. Those are the teachings of Christ, and the destination of the human spirit.

But one of the realities we live in the present is the concept of tribe, clan or nation, as a unit of self-defense. I will use the word tribe for short, just in this special sense for now.

You are born into, or you choose a tribe. A tribe is a form of community, in that it provides mutual support. But the fundamental requirement of tribal membership is loyalty. You must be loyal to the tribe, because loyalty is what holds the tribe together. There is no standard for judging the actions of the tribe or its leaders, except whether the tribe survives. Its own existence is its highest aim, and the sole reason for its own existence.

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