Monday, December 27, 2010

Help me Improve

I'm hoping a few people will find my blog soon, and give me constructive feedback. Even critical or damning feedback might help me improve.

In trying to improve, I am not hoping to professionalize, or "monetize" this effort. It is all very well and good, under the old paradigm, to provide a reliable, high quality product, in such a way as to to appeal to a certain segment of the market. It is believed that our combined societal professional and moral ethic will, without conscious thought, create the best possible outcome, so by all means, professionalize and monetize.

But I don't want to milk the cow. I don't want to provide a high quality, consistent product. I appreciate quality and consistency, but I am not looking to support the current, false-faced paradigm. When I can believe that our societal effort is going toward a healthy end, that will be the time for me to be "professional" and "consistent". In the meantime, I see all the efficiency and effectiveness of our society being turned into wanton destruction. I feel an obligation to question the value of efficiency and effectiveness in themselves, in this circumstance.

What kind of comments DO I want? Certainly, the kind engage the subject matter: How do we use the technological tools we have to reorganize society toward a saner way of life? Any discussion of the content is welcome. Comment about my form or style are also welcome, if you are a skilled editor. Also, "meta"-type comments are especially welcome. For example, someone recently said in response to my writing, "Use 'I' statements. Think of how people are going to hear it. Think of what people need to hear, and what they don't need to hear." I realized that there are some things I need to express for my own mental health, that are not useful for others to hear. It is not self-censorship to edit those out of my public writing. If you see something in that category, let me know. Thanks.

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