Saturday, December 11, 2010

What could go wrong with that

>>I am led to the conclusion that good ideas are those that make us feel good, and creativity is recognizing good ideas.

I should probably clarify that I am talking about decision-making at the lowest level of atomicity. I am talking about cutting your experience of life into infinitesimal slices of time. In religious terms, what you decide to believe at every instant is the difference between being alive(-ish) and being dead(ly). I want to believe that I do have free will and the ability to make my life better. But it is obvious to me that on the scale of any meaningful period of time, I do not have free will to affect the world and make it a more habitable place for me. It is as habitable as it is ever going to be.

On a tiny scale of time, though - RIGHT NOW - it seems I can make a difference in how habitable my world is. I need only decide to love the current moment's experience. When I remember that and do it, I get along very happily. For various reasons, at times, I lose touch with that possibility. Then I suffer, but when the period of suffering is over, I see it as a dream drama, in which I was under a spell.

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