Friday, October 22, 2010

God's Self

One could say of God's Self that God's* Self** is always relaxed and confident. That is because God's Self knows that God's Self is eternal and cannot be harmed. Only if you know the inner experience of God's self, can you know that you are eternal and impervious.

"But being eternal and impervious aren't all there is to life." Thus saith the Lord. "They are the only perfection, the only Me, but then there is all of imperfection, and impermanence". All of the imperfection and impermanence are part of the whole that is perfect, because without them, the perfect isn't complete. In that way, they partake of perfection, while being imperfect, as Christians do when imbibing the bread and wine.

*there is no adequate pronoun for God, so I just use "God".
**God's Self is what I envision it must be like to see through God's "eyes". God cannot be an object to the human mind, since no true thought or image or perception of God can ever be had. If you eliminate the possibility of being an object, then what is left can only be a subjective perspective. I use "God's Self" as a synonym for God, but emphasizing the subjective nature of God's existence - the One Who sees and experiences at all times. God's will or God's creation would be objects, but are not synonymous with "God" as "God's Self" is. God's will is all that happens (verbs), and God's creation is all that exists (nouns).

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