Saturday, October 2, 2010

Proof that consciousness is good

You only need to prove something is good if it has been accused of being bad. I define myself as consciousness, and I have been accused (somewhere in my mind) of being bad.

Fortunately, I cannot disavow any knowledge of my own actions (since my memory is intact). But I might disavow any intentions I  had about the outcome of whatever I did - as mistaken intentions. The actions themselves are as blameless as the actions of an automaton. The intentions can be wrong, or even sinful, but they are in the past. If I have sinful intentions now, I can only pray to God that they be changed, because they seem right and good to me. If I cannot see that they are sinful, how can God blame me for them? Can God not give me the ability to see that they are sinful? If God could, but didn't give me that ability, and still blamed me for the actions or intentions, God would be unjust. That may be true, but if it is, I have no way of changing it. And I see no evidence that God is unjust, unless you take the apparent injustice in the world of human experience as evidence that God is unjust.

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