Friday, August 19, 2011

Another Kind of Prayer

I don't know what is going to happen, and nothing I do on my own can _make_ anything happen. I can only do what seems the most right, and see what unfolds from that. Through the miracles of the human brain and senses, my behavior may adapt and improve with experience. Or, I may be fated to spend my entire life under a cloud of being unattractively different. I can't prevent or change or avoid what is happening to me now by worrying about what I should do next, or about whether I just made the right decision. Decisions aren't made in the head -- so say the neurocartographers. Keep remembering the Sermon on the Mount from time to time, and you will have all the guidance you need, built into your behavior.


  1. Brilliant quote that of "spending one's entire life under a cloud of being unattractively different" -- is that a Lindoushka original? First romantic love can be the experience that causes the clouds to part and makes one feel for the first time like a member of the human race, and although the clouds return again, as they tend to do, mayhap for ever, it's somehow not the same thereafter.

  2. Thanks. I am so glad the cloud-cover is "not the same thereafter" for you.