Monday, August 22, 2011

Knowing Everything You Know

When you don't fear any possibility, you are able to know everything you know. I mean "know" here, in the sense of not suppressing the knowledge of something that is already in your mind. Any concept that you fear, you cannot know. For example, I fear looking unattractive, or stupid. Therefore, I have trouble perceiving feedback from people that indicate I look unattractive or stupid. Since I am afraid of that possibility, I cannot accept the fact or possibility, that someone is saying I look stupid or unattractive.

The fact that I cannot perceive or understand their behavior makes me anxious and/or depressed. For all the suppression of the feared thought, I don't get out of feeling the fear. To the contrary, it is when I am unperturbed by the fact or possibility of being unattractive, that I can deal kindly and effectively with a person who is responding to me in that way.

I can withstand the negativity of the person toward myself, because I know this is only the interplay of our entwined fate. I am constructed by a power vastly greater than an individual human will. I regurgitate ways I have been affected or harmed, onto other people, having no awareness of what I am doing. The "I" who is identified as "Linda Hardesty" is not to be punished by me for her iniquities. (I thought to say, "Shortcomings, or failures," but wanted to put it more strongly.) I can know a forgiveness so complete, that no sin can ever have been committed. In fact, that is a logical syllogism, If forgiveness is truly complete, then no sin was ever committed. This is another reason that we can trust in our salvation. God is perfect, and God's Forgiveness is perfect. Therefore, we know that no sin is ever really committed.

I know that is a radical, scary statement. Let me hasten to add, that your sin will be great, if you tell yourself no sin is ever committed, and you haven't realized what Love is and Who God is. This is how I understand the possibility of losing one's salvation, or not having salvation. It would be using the concept of perfect forgiveness and salvation as a cover for lying to yourself. Until you have no lies to yourself, you don't believe in your own salvation. (This is a corollary of the of the basic assumption - the Good News that you ARE saved. If you have any reason to lie to yourself, you are not in agreement with the assumption, i.e., you believe you are not saved.)

In reality, where it is important -- in the heart of God's being, you are saved, and have never not been saved. You can't truly BE "not saved," but you can suffer from believing it is possible.

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