Friday, August 12, 2011

The Creation of the World

Everything experiences everything.

Every subatomic particle of matter/energy potentially has a partner, nearby or far away in the universe, with which it acts in tandem. Experiments in physics show that two such paired particles, when measured in radiation-beam experiments, are always in complementary states. The scientists can alter one particle intentionally, and thereby effectively predict the state the other particle will be in, regardless of how far apart they are in space.

So not only is all the physical universe in constant contact with itself via more familiar processes of gravity, light, the water cycle, and all of life's mutual interaction. But also, every particle in the universe is directly connected to every other particle, in the sense that there are potentially detectable effects instantaneously, at the farthest distances in the universe, to any particle being changed.

Every particle experiences every other particle.

The changing of the "spin" of a particle is about as far from a human emotion as you can get. But I argue that they are essentially of the same nature. Sentient creatures, and especially humans, are the quintessential conscious beings. We can be affected (through learning and otherwise) by everything that we can know about. Seemingly dead matter is affected by physical forces in a much coarser way.

But much of our learning is ultimately dependent on the physical and chemical events that make up our physical body. The miracle of how these bodies have come to be formed from particles is a mind-blowing mystery, embedded in the mystery of all the particles of the universe, and how they came to be. The exqusite conscious awareness that we share, is part and parcel with the physical laws that scientists are able to discern, and thereby gain power in the physical world. There is no hard and fast boundary between any two particles, much less between, say, members of the animal kingdom. But we have to draw the line somewhere. We need boundaries to create the world that we live in through our exquisite consciousness. Consciousness itself draws the lines, and thereby creates that world. Who draws the lines? God, consiousness, life, love. Also pain, the Void, negativity and rejection.

But God -- all -- encompasses all.

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  1. I wonder if we could make an interplanetary or interstellar router using entangled particles. Might be a premise for a "subspace radio" in a sci-fi novel.