Friday, August 12, 2011

Being Seen by My Cat

We need to respond to these troubled times with an elevated spiritual level. Your spiritual level is akin to your blood pressure measurement, substituting the flow of Love for the flow of blood. The flow of love is like the blood that circulates between the spiritual cells (people) of our spiritual body (the Divine.)

The whole of reality rests in Consciousness. It is necessary to learn to perceive this metaphor.

Every cell contributes to the flow

If you really contemplate any one of God's attributes (omnipresent, omnipotent, onmiscient, all-good, all-loving, perfect), you will become aware of the perfection, completeness, peace and joy that surrounds you in that moment.

Everything experiences everything.

You can pick and choose the reality you see, because it is all illusion. It's not that there is no reality driving the illusion. The illusion is only the idea that any particular interpretation of reality _is_ reality, or a perfect representation thereof.

To put it another way, no pain is permanent. Neither is _the experience_ of happiness. But we can choose to remember and contemplate the happiness. Consciousness can be directed. By nature it always looks in a certain direction -- that is God's will. God's will the is direction in which consciousness is pointed. To know that is to know peace.

Until you realize that consciousness is directed, and always goes in the direction of God's will, you will be tormented by fear and confusion. This is all part of God's will. The fear and confusion only exists in order to be taken away. Joy, relief and peace are all experienced when the negative emotions leave. Without the negative emotions, we would not get the positive emotions that arise when the negative emotions leave.

You might say, why bother? Why would God let negative things arise, only to replace them with positive? Couldn't the positive be all there is?

Well, that is the case, ultimately. The positive is all there is. But the absence of change gets boring. God creates the world -- all the seeming good and evil of it. Without good and evil, nothing exists. It is fine for nothing to exist, but still...

So evil is good, ultimately. But God's will is directed away from it. We only approach the good that is inherent in evil from the reverse side. When evil is in front of us, we turn around. Sometimes, we go all the way around the world, and see the back of evil. And we see that the backside of evil is good.

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  1. Our minds as "virtual reality machines" -- it's a good message for me to be reminded of at the moment. I'm feeling pretty low and stressed-out. But yesterday I met all kinds of friends with really terrible circumstances who were putting a positive spin on it. I wish that came more naturally. I'm literally sick with stress and worry and it would be good to find a way to think myself out from under it. Thanks!